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UK Property Market – Homes Sold 2023 vs 2024

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UK Property Market – Homes Sold 2023 vs 2024

In the bustling property market of Leicester, homeowners have every reason to be optimistic as 2024 continues to outperform 2023 in terms of property sales. Across the UK, every region has witnessed significant growth. London leads the charge with a remarkable 20.8% to the end of April increase in homes sold stc, followed closely by East Anglia at 19.6%, and the South East at 19.5%. The Midlands are not far behind, with the East Midlands reporting an 18.2% rise and the West Midlands at 18.0%.

In the North, the North West saw a 17.7% increase, Yorkshire & the Humber recorded a 17.3% rise, and the North East improved by 14.7%. The South West experienced a solid growth of 16.1%, while Wales showed a robust increase of 14.0%. Both Scotland and Northern Ireland matched with a 12.4% uptick in sales.

This consistent upsurge across all regions, including Leicester, highlights the vitality of the UK property market. As homes continue to sell, it is essential for sellers in Leicester to price their homes realistically to capitalise on the active market, as still only 1 in 2 homes that come on the UK property market end up selling. Therefore, if you’re considering a move or need advice on property values, don’t hesitate to contact me or a free valuation of your Leicester home. Now is the perfect time to gauge your property’s market worth and make informed decisions for your future.

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