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Leicester Property Insights: Ignoring the Doom Monger Headlines

Navigating the property landscape, particularly in a city like Leicester, requires more than just a reactive approach to the daily newspaper and social media headlines.  As homeowners and potential investors are continuously bombarded with alarming whispers of plummeting house prices, coupled with rising interest rates and the heartache of negative equity, there’s a tangible atmosphere…

Leicester’s Property Market Pulse: Deciphering the Latter Half of 2023

Stepping into the world of the property market is akin to stepping into a rhythm. The beats of buying and selling, supply and demand form the underlying tempo.  Leicester, a city rich in history and character, is no exception. As we venture into the last quarter of 2023, it’s crucial to understand the current property…

Understanding Leicester’s Property Market: The Hidden Perils of Overpricing Your Home in Leicester’s Cooling Market

In an age of soundbites and sensationalism, the UK property market—particularly here in Leicester—often finds itself misconstrued by general narratives.  While we cannot ignore the challenges of increasing mortgage rates and shifting buyer preferences, it is vital to appreciate the broader context to understand what's happening in the Leicester property landscape. The UK housing market...

Exploring Leicester’s Property Market Through an Innovative Heat Map

In the realm of the property, a fresh perspective can often unveil hidden insights. I would like to introduce a distinctive approach to mapping house prices with a heat map that colour-codes Leicester property values by £ per square foot. The map shown vividly illustrates the varying values across different pockets of the city. This...

Navigating First-Time Home Buying Worries with Confidence in Leicester

Embarking on your first home purchase in Leicester is a significant step in most people’s lives, but it can bring feelings of uncertainty and apprehension.  As a seasoned estate agent in Leicester, I’m here to help you overcome common fears and provide expert strategies to make your experience smoother. Facing First-Time Jitters For first-time buyers…

The Changing Landscape of Leicester’s Housing Market: Exploring the Ethical Dimensions of Buy-to-Let Investment.

The city of Leicester has witnessed a profound transformation in its housing landscape over the last few years and the surge in private renting has led to significant debates about the morality of the buy-to-let market.  Let us look at the current statistics compared to 40 years ago to show the seismic shift. Looking at...

Leicester Community News

Avenue Primary School – Your local Clarendon Park School

Avenue Primary School – Your local Clarendon Park School   We recently visited Avenue Primary School and got a chance to meet with the head teacher Mrs Kandola to gain an insight into what it is like being a school head teacher, as well as being involved in the local community and also what is…

Fantastic Local Clarendon Park Independent Business

Christopher James Deli – Fantastic Local Clarendon Park Independent Business   We recently visited Simon Fairey, the owner of Christopher James Deli on Queens Road in Clarendon Park to gain an insight into what it is like to be a local business owner and involved in the Clarendon Park community.  

Loros Twilight Walk April 2018

Loros Twilight Walk April 2018 We are proud to be supporting Loros in their annual Twilight Walk on Saturday 14th April 2018 We are joined by Laura from Loros to find out more about the Biggest Girls Night Out In Leicester  

What is it like to Live & Work in Oadby?

Oadby Town Centre – Chestnuts Coffee Shop   We recently visited Chestnuts Coffee Shop to find out more about the local Oadby business and why Oadby is such a popular town for people to move to and be a part of the local community.  

Buy to let deal of the week

Francis Street, Stoneygate – Buy to Let Deal of the Week

Stoneygate Buy to Let Deal of the Week

Top 20 Streets

No. 8 Coverdale Road – Top 20 Streets in Wigston


No. 9 – Top 20 Streets in Wigston – Bilsdale Road


No. 8 – Top 20 Streets in Oadby – The Spinney

No. 9 – Top 20 Streets in Oadby – The Fairway

No. 10 – Top 20 Streets in Oadby – Quickthorns

No. 11 – Top 20 Streets in Oadby – The Avenue

First Time Buyer

First Time Buyer? 4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

When you take out your first mortgage, as with any financial product, you’ll have to go through a credit check. It’s normal to feel apprehensive about this process, as let’s face it, few of us have perfect credit. That’s why it’s worth trying to improve your credit score, if possible, in the months before you...

7 Steps to Becoming a Residential landlord in Leicester

There are a number of reasons people become residential landlords. Often, it’s because someone wants to do more with their savings and sees property as a sound investment with a regular income. It might also be that a person becomes an accidental landlord after inheriting a property or moving into a house with a partner....

7 Easy Ways to Save a Deposit For Your First Home in Leicester

Lots of people dream of no longer living with their parents or throwing money at their landlord every month and instead buying their own home in Leicester. However, one of the things that often stands in the way of first time buyers is raising a deposit. The average house price in the UK is just...

Jargon Free Advice for First-Time Buyers in Leicester

Do you remember when you rode a bike without support for the first time? Or when you learned to swim? And who can forget the moment when the driving examiner turns and says ‘congratulations, you’ve passed.’ You also never forget your first love or the first home you buy. That’s why at Leicester Property Blog...