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43.64% of Leicester households are 3-bedroom homes. Is that enough?

As an estate and letting agent with a keen eye on local Leicester property trends, it becomes imperative to delve into the nuanced landscape of property types, mainly through the lens of bedroom distribution across various tenures.  This analysis enriches the knowledge base of Leicester homeowners and landlords and positions them advantageously in making informed […]

The Future of the Leicester Buy-to-Let Market in 2024

The UK’s property market is facing a significant challenge as the availability of homes for rent has plummeted to its lowest level in five years, exacerbating the difficulties tenants face in finding affordable accommodation.  This alarming trend was highlighted in a recent analysis, which revealed that in 2023, only 261,542 private rental homes were available […]

House Sales Up 14.8% on 2023 as Mortgage Rates Fall – Yet is it a seller’s market in Leicester?

The number of agreed UK property sales until the last Sunday of January (28th) is 8.35% higher than a year ago. Tumbling mortgage costs have encouraged buyers and sellers to return to the property market. There is a more buoyant picture for the UK property market in the first four weeks of January 2024 compared […]

Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Leicester Home in 2024

As a seasoned estate agent serving the Leicester community, I’ve always prided myself on offering transparent, informed advice to local homeowners. Today, I’d like to provide a balanced perspective on the current housing market trends and what they could mean for those contemplating selling their Leicester homes. The housing market is an ever-evolving landscape, and […]

The UK Property Market in 2024: A Robust Start with Implications for Leicester

As an experienced estate and letting agent based in Leicester, I have been closely monitoring the trends in the UK property market. As of January 11th, 2024, the market has shown a solid start, a trend worth exploring, especially in how it might mirror or differ from the local market in Leicester. In the first […]

Mortgage War Will Save LeicesterHomeowners £2,639 a Year

In a recent financial turn, Leicester residents are experiencing a wave of relief as mortgage rates across the UK take a surprising dip. This reduction, led by major lenders, signals a potential opportunity for the Leicester housing market, directly affecting homeowners, landlords and first-time buyers in the city.  Let’s delve into what this means for […]

6 Essential Steps Every Divorcee in Leicester Must Take Before Selling Your Home!

Going through a divorce can be challenging, especially when it comes to selling your shared home in Leicester. To ease this transition and ensure the best outcome, here are six crucial steps to take before putting your property on the market: Selling your home because of a divorce doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Follow these […]

Why didn’t Leicester House Prices Crash in 2023?

As I review the performance of the Leicester property market in 2023, it’s evident that despite the challenges, the housing sector in the city has shown remarkable resilience.  At the beginning of the year many commentators suggested house prices would drop like a stone in 2023. The Halifax thought there would be an 8% drop, […]

Navigating the Leicester Property Market:The Art of Pricing Properties Right

As we stand at the threshold of 2024, facing economic uncertainties and a shifting housing landscape, the significance of correct pricing in Leicester’s property market has never been more pronounced.  This comprehensive guide delves into the crucial aspects of property pricing and its profound impact on the property market transaction process. Leicester’s Property Market: A […]

Leicester’s Essential Guide to ‘Consent to Let’: Renting with a Residential Mortgage 

In Leicester’s dynamic property market, ‘Consent to Let’ is a crucial concept for homeowners considering renting out their property.  This short guide demystifies the process for Leicester  homeowners and underscores its importance. Understanding ‘Consent to Let’ in Leicester ‘Consent to Let’ is a formal agreement between you and your lender, allowing you to rent out […]


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