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Understanding the Property Market: £/sq.ft Trends in the UK, East Midlands, and Leicester

The property market in the UK is a complex and multifaceted entity, characterised by a myriad of factors that influence property prices and values.  One of the critical metrics often underutilised to gauge the value of property is the price per square foot (£/sq.ft). This figure provides a standardised measure, enabling comparisons across different regions […]

Leicester – Average Age of Residents

Understanding the average age of residents across different council wards in of Leicester and the surrounding areas, is both interesting and crucial for both current residents, landlords plus prospective tenants and homebuyers.  This heat map, compiled using data from the Office for National Statistics and Denton House Property Research, provides a visual representation of the […]

Why Hasn’t the Leicester Property Market Crashed?

The UK property market has demonstrated remarkable resilience despite facing significant challenges over the past 18 months. Many analysts in the autumn of 2022 predicted a severe downturn in house prices, driven by economic uncertainty, a cost-of-living crisis, and rising mortgage rates.  Yet, contrary to these grim forecasts, UK (and Leicester) house prices have remained […]

Leicester Buy-to-Let Property Market: A Leicester Landlord’s Perspective on Recent Trends

Over the past few years, the UK rental market has experienced significant fluctuations, with rents increasing dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic. Between 2020 and 2022, demand far exceeded supply, driving rents to unprecedented levels.  In the East Midlands for example, the average rent has risen from £732 per calendar month (PCM) to £1,016pcm YTD in […]

UK Property Market – Homes Sold 2023 vs 2024

In the bustling property market of Leicester, homeowners have every reason to be optimistic as 2024 continues to outperform 2023 in terms of property sales. Across the UK, every region has witnessed significant growth. London leads the charge with a remarkable 20.8% to the end of April increase in homes sold stc, followed closely by […]

Making Sense of the Leicester Property Market’s £271 per Square Foot Value

Leicester, a vibrant city with a diverse property market, offers countless opportunities for homeowners seeking their next home. However, navigating this landscape requires a strategic approach to avoid common pitfalls. If you’re a current Leicester homeowner weighing up your options for a potential move, this guide will shed light on some key factors to consider. […]

Is it a Leicester Buyers’ or Sellers’ Property Market?

Navigating the property market in Leicester? Understanding the current market dynamics is essential whether you’re looking to buy a dream home or sell a cherished property. Recent data reveals a fascinating surge in property transactions across the UK, with Leicester included in all this bustling activity.  As of April 2024, property sales and listings have […]

Discovering Leicester: Central Heating and Its Impact on Property Decisions

In Leicester, a city renowned for its historical roots and vibrant community, a surprising discovery has been made regarding the state of modern living amenities, particularly central heating.  An insightful heat map, using data from the Office for National Statistics and the Census, it reveals the percentage of homes across various parts of Leicester that […]

Leicester Homeowners: Miss the 31st of May 2024 Deadline and You Might Miss Christmas in Your New Home.

As May comes into view, with the anticipation of the warm summer months ahead of us, with sun-drenched hot beaches and cold ice cream, the thoughts and contemplations of Christmas seem a million miles away. Yet many people who wish to move would like to be in for Christmas. If that is you, listen up, […]

Leicester Property Market Review: The April 2024 Update

Leicester homeowner or landlord? Curious about the trends in the Leicester property market? One measure is the average price paid for homes bought and sold in Leicester in the last 12 months, on a rolling month by month basis. Each month I like to share this figure, and whilst this figure alone will not tell […]


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